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Guerilla Gardening

In our 2012 HL Trend Report we predicted that guerilla gardening was about to take off. This awesome trend sees citizens brightening up their surroundings by adding a touch of green to bland spaces. Nailing a mini pot plant to a street pole, planting a random bush on a lone sidewalk or even just leaving fresh flowers for people to pick up behind you. We came across a great example of this trend in Parktown North, Johannesburg, and we just had to share it. Local homeowners have transformed their pavement into a veritable treat for passersby. A neatly planted veggie patch stands proud outside their home, complete with signposts explaining how to use the garden: 'Pick 'n' Eat Pavement: Pick what you need but please leave some for your brother and sister' reads the first sign, while the second screams, 'Healthy and Free!'. We love the humble sense of community this garden has created and hope to see more feel-good trends hitting the streets in the year ahead. Have you come across any similar examples of Guerilla Gardening? Let us know in the comment box below, at @HouseLeisureSA or on our Facebook page. Text and images: Roberta Coci