Growing Paper

This is a great, worthy product to try at home if you like planting things and watching them grow. The handmade paper created by Cape Town-based company Growing Paper supports a good cause, and also offers something fun for the family to do together. Their paper is created using seeds so that when you are done with your calendar or card, you simply plant it in your garden and wait for flowers to bloom. The special paper is made from post consumer waste paper that is processed and printed with waterbased ink, and made into beautiful, environmentally friendly items, including a lovely range of gift tags, cards, invites and calendars. Water is added to create a pulp, which local community members then use to create handmade sheets of paper. The final step is to air-dry the sheets in an attic before they are ready for use. The Growing Paper factory is located in the picturesque Paardeberg region in the Western Cape, near the town of Malmesbury. It presents an opportunity for the locals to get involved in a sustainable project that teaches them about recycling. They use large amounts of water to make the paper, and so, reuse the water for farming practices in the vicinity (such as irrigation) once they are done. Any part of their products which aren't plantable are also made the 'green' way, which means that they are either biodegradable or recyclable. So when you give someone a Growing Paper card, you're also giving them an exciting addition to their garden which they can nurture and watch grow. There are different varieties of flowers and herbs available so you can grow something that suits your garden and tastes. For more information about Growing Paper you can contact Ya’el Geffen at yael.geffen@gmail.com or visit growingpaper.co.za.