Green Art

Environment is a word so over-used it’s somewhat lost its impact. But in a world where 7 billion people are messing with nature’s finely thought-out plans, it really is time to start deconstructing and redefining that word, giving it enough significance to make an impact. Which is why Brundyn + Gonsalves’ latest exhibition, Implemented Environments, is such a welcome initiative. The gallery tasked eight local artists to respond to the theme, giving their own interpretation of green issues. ‘Implemented Environments marks an insightful and relevant investigation into South African artists’ meditations on notions of environment; whether addressing ecological, economic or sociopolitical conditions or simply reflecting on the earth-human connection,’ says the gallery. The results are as beautiful as they are diverse, ranging from the whimsical to the confrontational and exploring a multitude of media. Pop by the gallery this evening for the opening, and be inspired to create your own meaning of the world around you. Implemented Environments opens this evening at Brundyn +Gonsalves, 71 Loop St, Cape Town, and will run until 25 January 2012. Text: Roberta Coci