GorillaMobile Tripod

The GorillaMobile For Phone 4/4S is a tripod with unique legs that can be adjusted for stability on all sorts of surfaces, as well as to enable hands-free photography from creative angles. It holds the iPhone with a high-quality grip that won't cause damage and it enables you to position the phone in landscape or portrait orientations. The leg joints bend and can be rotated 360 degrees so you can wrap the tripod around a pole or tree to take snapshots from any angle and in locations that don't have a flat surface that a normal tripod would require for support. The feet also have rubberised grips for stability on uneven surfaces so you can set up the phone to watch videos or to use FaceTime. As a bonus, the GorillaMobile For iPhone 4/4S has a quarter-inch screw clip so you can also use it with your compact digital camera to take off-the-wall photographs. Its compact, light design makes it easy to transport and it is a must-have for travel and adventures. The recommended retail price of the GorillaMobile For iPhone 4/4S is R400. It's available at Look & Listen and Musica stores, as well as via Kalahari.com, Takealot and Mobile Gadgets. For more information email info@wintecsolutions.co.za or visit Joby. Text: Mandy J Watson Mandy J Watson is an award-winning journalist, copy editor, and blogger who runs brainwavez.org, which is devoted to all the geeky areas where culture and technology intersect. You can follow her on Twitter at @mandyjwatson.