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Glasshouse Garden

What if you could fit your garden in the palm of your hand? With space at such a premium these days, people have been finding innovative ways to incorporate any kind of garden feature into their homes. Hence the craze of vertical gardens, hanging gardens and cactus gardens. Hot off the heels of this trend, Czech designer, Kristyna Pojerova, has created the Glasshouse, a designer lamp that literally holds a herb garden in a city kitchen. 'Its shape was inspired by the growth of plants. The herbs are planted inside the glass lamp along its wall in a kind of gutter around a central opening. This opening not only facilitates easy access to the herbs and passage of light from an electric bulb hanging up in the lamp, but it also ensures adequate ventilation, enhancing a natural microclimate.' There is a cylindrical opening at the bottom of the lamp which allows light to pass through, facilitates ventilation for the electrical bulb, and provides easy access to the plants. Oh, and it gives a lovely glow, too!  'All this is basically about making use of the otherwise useless waste heat of the bulb.' She recommends regulating the bulb with a dimmer placed over the lamp. Via Design Taxi (