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Garden Art

One of our New Year’s Resolutions is to get into the garden and spend more one-on-one time with nature. We often get caught up in the mad rush, but it’s important to still stay in sync with the outdoors. A starting point is to add a bit of life to your outdoor area with bouts of colour, interesting designs and unique ornaments. In time, once you’ve planted some pretty new buds, these items will add to the energy of your revitalised garden. Here we’ve compiled a mini wish list of some of the things we’d love to put in our own gardens. Even if you don’t have ample space you can select one or two items that will amplify the outdoor ambience. For example, try hanging a bird feeder from your balcony or arranging a luminescent pot on your veranda for something that doubles up as greenery and an attractive feature. Stockists: Baddy Mat Gnomes, R1 300, Sean Williams Contracts, The Fold Feeder, R580, and Maribou Birdbath, R3 800, Joe Paine, (Photographer: Dook from VISI) BLOOM Light-Up Pots, from R1 000 to R12 000, Crema Design, Cocoon Hanging Chair, R2 900 natural and R3 300 painted, Abode, Dwarf, R235; Standing Buddha, R895; Angel Water Feature, R1 555, Starke Ayres Garden Centre, 021-685-4120, Artemis Planter, 1050mm: R2 900; 1500mm: R4 450, Mobelli Outdoor Furniture,   Text: Kim Grové Images: Supplied