Frivolous Flock Chandelier

Paper cranes have an almost magical quality and this chandelier, aptly called 'The Frivolous Flock', captures their enchanting nature. We love the interplay of light and shadow created by the fluttering shapes cascading from the ceiling. Designer Kendall Conlong, owner of Cape Town’s Eat Cake, says the inspiration behind the chandelier was her fascination with origami. ‘I wanted to use magazines as they are a brilliant source of colour and old magazines are a very sustainable material source. The thing with using magazine paper for origami, is that your initial idea is often very different to the final result after the folding process. Each page has its own unique colour palette and energy which, when folded, allows us to admire the beauty of simple forms and shapes. This is exactly what I wanted to create with this design: a cluster of beautiful shapes using bold colours to enhance a tired room or add to a quirky environment.’ Kendall does not only transform old magazines into flocks of paper birds, however. ‘There is also the "prodigy" flock where I use music sheets to create the birds and the "jet setter" which is created with old maps!’ she says and the chandeliers can be custom-made to suit any colour scheme. The Frivolous Flock is available to order from the Eat Cake website eatcake.withtank.com and from Karrin Hatfield, 222 Lilian Ngoyi (Windermere) Road, Morningside, Durban.