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Freakalee Rhino Mugs

In another artistic attempt to draw our attention to the plight of our rhinos, Lee Hensberg of Freakalee Ceramics has made these gorgeous rhino ceramic mugs. 'I think many of us feel so helpless when faced with the plight of helpless and abused animals,' says Lee, commenting that the unscrupulous murder of rhinos has reached endemic proportions. 'I wanted to make a beautiful but practical object of art, that not only draws attention to the plight of our rhinos, but serves as a constant reminder every day of the plunder of the innocent,' she told HL. Her beautiful ceramic mugs are all handmade and handpainted and feature a rhino-shaped handle and striking motifs on the mug itself. With each mug sold, a donation will go to the Save The Rhino Trust. 'Everyone that buys a rhino mug can therefore know they are financially contributing to the fight against rhino poaching,' says Lee, adding that, 'Together we can make a difference, however small it may be.' Mugs retail for R135 each, which includes the Donation to Save the Rhino Trust. They can be ordered through the Studioko online store or by emailing Lee directly on To view more of Lee's beautiful ceramics, visit her Facebook page at