Framing and Hanging Artworks

Do you want to arrange photographs or artworks in your home without cluttering a space? Unsure of whether or not to frame your artworks? These decisions can change the entire look of a room, so it's important to get it right. Michelle Trimborn, interior designer and design trend expert from Design Quarters, offers her advice: Remember that all the canvasses in national galleries and museums are framed. It is a contemporary style or eclectic style to leave them unframed. However, it comes down to a personal choice. You can keep these tips in mind though, to clarify your options:

  • The bolder the frame, the more it will detract from the artwork, so make sure the artwork presence is balanced with the frame.
  • Look at how galleries frame their work to get some visual guidelines.
  • Whether to use borders, boxes etc. depends entirely on the nature of the artwork.
  • Glass is used to protect paintings from gathering dust which can, in some instances, adhere permanently to the paint. It does affect the true view of the artwork. Standard glass will reflect its surrounds, while matt glass will dull the artwork slightly.
  • Glass can also have a UV film added to protect paintings from indirect sunlight. Your windows should, however, have a UV film on them to protect your art, your floors, your furniture and your window treatments.
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