Flower arranging

Boston Ivy is one of Durban’s most celebrated florists. Known for unusual, striking arrangements which make a statement, there is no doubt that the Boston Ivy team is as passionate as they are talented. We asked Diane Nightingale and Floey Vanderplank a few questions about flower arranging and decor. Tell us a bit about Boston Ivy. Boston Ivy had humble beginnings: we started working from home out of our garage and then, with a steady customer base in place, we opened our flower store in Durban North where we continued to grow our little business over the next seven years. A change in direction finds us working from a larger industrial space which allows us the freedom to work on larger functions as well as continuing to look after our existing customers. What are your favourite flowers to work with? With every season comes a new favourite bloom. Hydrangeas, tulips, proteas and ranunculus are always at the top of the list. Where do you find inspiration? Our early morning market buy brings fresh inspiration. No two days are the same, and with the selection always changing, we are bound to find inspiration whether it's from an unusual bunch of foliage or a particularly beautiful bunch of large budded imported roses. What role do you think flowers play in decor? Fresh flowers have a special ability to breathe life into a space. We really believe that there is no substitute for fresh flowers in a beautifully decorated room. What are big trends in flowers for 2012? That's a hard one to answer as we feel it's about what you love and what gives you joy, not necessarily about what is considered the latest trend. Is ‘seasonal’ as big a buzz word in flowers as it is in food? Absolutely! What makes an attractive flower arrangement? Keywords: Simple and unexpected. Do you have any tips for simple arrangements which make a big impact? Try sticking to one type of flower rather than a mix which tends to look fussy, for example a mass of tulips in a simple vase has far more impact than a large country type display. What flowers would you recommend for a longer-lasting arrangement? Aloes, proteas, fynbos and lilies. How can you make flowers last longer in the vase? Make sure that they have fresh clean water, trim the stems regularly and don’t keep arrangements in an air-conditioned environment. To see more beautiful designs by Boston Ivy and to contact them, visit their website at bostonivy.co.za. Text: Candice Botha