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Engage Wine Rack

Do you remember stacking Lego pieces together to build those wild creations only a child can think up? According to Jonathan Fundudis of Snapp design,  this was the ultimate way to fulfil our imaginations and express our individuality. 'This simple pleasure of seeing your own creation come to fruition through the use of building blocks prompted us to create a product using the same ideal,' he told HL. Enter the Engage Wine Rack, a gorgeous product that allows you to stack (or separate) six bottles of wine in a stylish, unique way. 'By using individual magnetic pods, you can achieve multiple configurations when using the ‘engage’ wine rack,' says Jonathan. 'This allows the user to interact with the product on a constructive level by giving them the freedom to dictate the size or colour scheme they desire.' The pods are available in seven colours, and the rack is sold in packs of six pods. Indulge your inner child by combining different colours and building your wine rack up to the size that suits your quaffing needs! The Engage wine rack is available for R899 on