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Eco Exhibit Display

With green buildings a major trend right now, it makes sense to consider environmentally friendly building materials if you're thinking of renovating or building from scratch. Not only is this approach more beneficial for the planet, but it can also work out to be more cost-effective if done carefully and selectively. A new exhibition space in Cape Town, Eco Exhibit, is aimed at providing those in the industry with a resource to do just this. This permanent exhibition space is situated off the N1 at Northgate Estate in Ysterplaat, Cape Town, and will provide the commercial and residential building industry with a free, convenient resource for finding reputable green building supplies. You can find products ranging from facades, piping, and insulation, to stairs, trusses, decking and more. There are currently 75 exhibitors housed at Eco Exhibit, including prominent brands like Corobrik, Hansgröhe, Led Lighting and Grohe. The project is the brainchild of Rayne Neave, granddaughter of Laurie Wale, who was a pioneer in the local building industry and founder of the Building Centre. The new space presents architects, builders, developers, designers and decorators with a 'physical guide to cost-free greening' right at their fingertips. In addition, 'All exhibitors are vetted by Eco Standard, which acts as a filter to check the legitimacy of their environmental claims', says Neave. Head on over for viewings or to receive on-the-floor advice from exhibitors, Monday to Friday (between 9am-4pm) or Saturday to Sunday (from 10am-3pm). Visit for a list of the environmentally friendly exhibitors or call 021-510-4000 for more information.