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Dulux Let’s Colour

We've been tracking the progress of the global Dulux Let’s Colour Project and are all for the company's out-the-box approach and fresh attitude to social upliftment. The movement hit the streets of cities around the world in March 2010 as an initiative to inspire people to reclaim and regenerate their surroundings using paint and colour, while involving the local residents of those areas. It has since and still continues to change the face of buildings on a global scale from Brazil to Botswana. Let's Colour Moving Walls Campaign In order to document the revival in South Africa, a campaign was set in motion which illustrates the difference that the Let’s Colour initiative is making to people’s lives. The focus was on four of Johannesburg CBD’s grand old dames which had fallen into disrepair, and the transformation which followed. Buildings in Berea, on Diagonal St, in Yeoville and Hillbrow were selected for their ability to define our country in terms of what it was, is and what it could be. When transforming the buildings and documenting the revival, creative director Greg Francois and his crew took their inspiration from the vibrant pallet of colours that define South Africa – from the bold shades of Ndebele motifs to the vivid hues of the Bokaap. ‘The Let’s Colour Project has a strong social upliftment element and the fact that it is going into rundown areas and regenerating them is really something quite special,’ says Greg. To symbolise the change that the project is making and the power of colour in people’s lives, Dulux is also rebranding globally. The vibrant Flourish logo is an icon of this inspirational journey and will soon be seen on their packaging at a paint supplier near you. Check out the video and if, like us, you like what you see, you can follow the movement as it travels the globe, or better yet contribute to the change by visiting the Let’s Colour website. Text: Mila Crewe-Brown An interior design graduate and writer with an insatiable passion for design, decor and travel, Mila Crewe-Brown cut her teeth working at Condénast House & Garden magazine before embarking on a year and a half journey across three continents. Now back and freelancing in Johannesburg she dedicates her time to writing copy for various interior and lifestyle publications. Visit her blog idreamofdesign.