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Drumbox Light

We love practical design, and are pleased to say that the latest collaboration by Diesel and Foscarini really hits the spot. A few months ago we visited the dynamic Foscarini/Diesel wall display at Créma Design in Cape Town and found more covetable lighting designs than we could count. Their latest creation is this fantastic Drumbox light which is conveniently mobile so you can decide how you want to position it – either suspended above the ground, free-standing as a floor lamp or as a table lamp. As the name suggests, it is essentially a fabric-covered lamp with a wire frame structure, mirroring the basic concept of a drum. If you've been on a film set you'll notice the striking resemblance between these and photo set lights – only this time, they're made with highly reflective linen and non-tear super lightweight nylon, with heat sealed seams (like you would find on deep-sea divers' wetsuits). The lights come in two different styles; one white customised by a fluorescent yellow sign, and the other grey for those who prefer a bit of contrast. The floor standing lamp retails at R10 930 while both the suspended pendant and table lamp are R7 240 each. You'll find them locally at Créma Design in Green Point, Cape Town. For more details, visit their website at or call 021-434-0661.