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Decorating for Royalty

Decorator by Royal Appointment to the Prince of Wales, Robert Kime has been creating subtle yet stylish interiors for over 40 overs. While colour and comfort are at the top of the list to achieve this look, there are several small changes you can make to re-energise a space. Although Robert Kime has decorated the likes of Clarence House for Prince Charles and redesigned the Duke of Beaufort’s hunting lodge, his fabrics and furnishings are widely available. Here, Robert Kime Showroom Manager Felicity Buchanan tells us more about their unique approach and how to achieve a chic interior effortlessly...
How would you describe Robert Kime interiors in 3 words? Timeless and comfortable. Do you prefer subtle or over-the-top decor? Subtle and layered. When it comes to colour, is less more or MORE more? More is more, as long as the colours 'talk' to each other. You're a fan of decorating with antiques – what advice do you have for people who want to achieve this look? We recommend that you use a mixture of different periods, cultures and colours. We're loving the pattern-on-pattern look where you mix ethnic prints and bold fabrics. How can you make it work without a room appearing too busy? To avoid an overly busy look, be sure to break up the pattern with plain or textured fabrics and make sure the colours work together. What tips do you have for people wanting to re-energise their apartment or small home? You can change a space by simply adding exciting and interesting accessories such as lampshades and cushions. For more information or to view their inspiring products, visit the official Robert Kime website at Robert Kime fabrics are also available locally from St Leger & Viney.