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David Cope Q&A

@houseleisureSA Today we’re chatting to @foodie_za about #HLFood. Thanks for joining us David. @foodie_za Pleasure. I'm joining you from design indabarama! @houseleisureSA Brilliant! You must check out our stand - you can get your hands dirty (and drink great wine while doing so!) @houseleisureSA So tell us, what was your first impression of the 2012 #HLFood magazine? @foodie_za Rad. I loved the first one also, glad it's a continuing project. @houseleisureSA Any thoughts on the cover? A big change from last year's! #HLFood @foodie_za Food fonts are the future! @houseleisureSA  Agreed - cleaver d's are the way to go. Any dishes you're particularly keen to try from #HLFood? @foodie_za I'm a big risotto fan so keen to do that asparagus version. Might add another ingredient to it (yes, it starts with a B). @houseleisureSA Great choice! What's the cryptic b? @foodie_za b.a.c.o.n! @houseleisureSA Now that'd be fun to write in our food font. So what are you planning on cooking this weekend? @foodie_za Looky here pic.twitter.com/FTWqssOD @houseleisureSA Ah - you made it to our stand. This is like triple level interaction! You gonna pick up a paintbrush? @foodie_za I just gave the cat a yellow head. looks like a cupcake cat now. @houseleisureSA Haha - pic please. So what storm are you gonna be cooking up this weekend? It's nearly lunchtime - make us hungry! @foodie_za I'm not sure yet, but last night I had the tastiest crisp tempura zucchini 'chips', mmm! @houseleisureSA Yum... And lastly, besides bacon, what would you like to see more of in next year's #HLFood? ;) @foodie_za I love cooking over fire, so more grilled things, pots in the hearth, potjies, etc. (very South African too). @houseleisureSA Great idea - we'll keep it in mind for sure. Thanks for the chat and enjoy the rest of Design Indaba. @foodie_za Thank you! Eat well this weekend. You can follow David's foodie tweets via @foodie_za or read his blog at thefoodie.co.za