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Daniel Ting Chong

We recently chatted to the multi-talented Capetonian illustrator, Daniel Ting Chong, about his claim to fame, coveted items for 2012, and his take on all things trend-related for the year ahead... (Hashtag: #HLTrendScoop) @houseleisureSA Hi @DanielTingChong, thanks for joining us to chat trends. @DanielTingChong Thanks for having me @houseleisureSA, glad to do this with you guys. @houseleisureSA You describe yourself as a ‘dimensional designer’. What does this mean in simple terms? @DanielTingChong A dimensional designer is a creative that works with many mediums. One that doesn't stick to paper or computer. @houseleisureSA So, multi-talented! You were commissioned to create The New York Times October 2011 Key Real Estate issue cover. In 3 words, how did the experience feel? @DanielTingChong I was thrilled / nervous / happy! @houseleisureSA We're sure you had mixed emotions, what an honour... Tell us, how do you normally kick-start your day? @DanielTingChong Breakfast equals Idea Food. Some tea while I scroll through emails. I then open my sketchbook and Illustrator. @houseleisureSA You’re influenced by the Afro-modernist style of Jean Michel Basquiat – who inspires you locally? @DanielTingChong Local inspiration is definitely @JordanMetcalf, @adamhillspeaks, @emma_s_cook, @iKronk, @JoeyHiFi + way more. @houseleisureSA In light of our colour trend forecast for 2012,, what are your top 5 shades for the year? @DanielTingChong I really like this colour palette at the moment. They're quite under saturated tones. @houseleisureSA Love it! Which other trends from our Trend Report,, are you planning to adopt this year? @DanielTingChong I love the travel apps, because that means I'm experiencing new things that will add to my creativity. @houseleisureSA Absolutely,great choice. You’ve just launched your own line of graphic pillowcases. Tell us more about the concept of day/ night in these illustrations? @DanielTingChong 1 side represents day while the other represents night. You place the pillow on the side relative to the time. @houseleisureSA Very clever. What design trends do you foresee this year? @DanielTingChong Custom typography is coming back and the love of more tangible design. More love for print and eco-relative ideas. @houseleisureSA With Cape Town being named World Design Capital for 2014, what do you think this means for the city? @DanielTingChong International collaborations. Ideas displayed on a bigger scale. More for South Africa is the bigger picture. @houseleisureSA Wonderful. We'd love to know, what’s on your design wish list for 2012? @DanielTingChong I'd love a set of Pantone books, @iKronk's KillJoy Dunny and @JordanMetcalf's LightBox from The October Show. @houseleisureSA Ditto that! If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be? @DanielTingChong Possibly just be Spider Man for a day. That would be awesome - or the power of not stressing out about deadlines. @houseleisureSA Agreed. Finally, what’s next on your to-do list? Anything exciting planned for the months ahead? @DanielTingChong Self motivated projects regarding pillows and duvet covers. Also working on a great project for Nike and Str.Crd 2012. @houseleisureSA Sounds brilliant, we can't wait to see! Thanks so much for chatting to us and all the best for 2012. @DanielTingChong Pleasure. Thanks for the Twitter interview. Keep up the good work on your side. Happy 2012! To read more about Daniel's favourite things and his distinct artistic style, see page 16 of our January/ February 2011 issue... You can also follow him on Twitter @DanielTingChong or visit his website here. Interviewed by Kim Grové.