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Daniel Ting Chong soaps

Is Twitter transforming design? In this case yes – or at least, it's closing the gap between creative minds and opening up the channels for collaboration. Cape Town-based designer Daniel Ting Chong recently received a tweet from Joburg soap makers, Nature's Skin Food. 'The tweet basically said how she liked my work,' said Daniel, who replied to say thank you and had a look at her website. 'I found she did incredible soaps and that it was possible to do custom moulds, so I mailed her and asked if she'd be open to the idea of collaborating.' Without having considered it too much before, Daniel realised soaps could be really interesting to work with and that they had become a bit mundane over the last few years. 'I thought I could make something quite fun and quirky' he adds. Daniel came up with the designs, an awesome ice-cream cone (ice clean), paintbrush (fresh coat) and cleaver (clean cut), and he let Nature take care of the rest. 'She made the smells associated with the colours I chose. So the yellow colour has a lemon scent, the green has a peppermint scent and the pink colour is a combination of both smells. I think they really came out beautifully, she is so clever,' he adds. Daniel's soaps are currently available at Astore in Cape Town and will shortly be available at Wolves Cafe in Johannesburg. You can also buy them through Daniel's website,