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CTICC Revamp

Thanks to three star South African architects, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) will see a dramatic change over the next three years, as the iconic landmark undergoes an impressive R690 million overhaul. There will be a new building linking to the first, which has been designed by a team of architects – Piet Bakker of Stauch Vorster Architects, Anya van der Merwe of Van der Merwe Miszewski Architects, and Mokena Makeka of Makeka Design Lab – who came out tops among 19 talented design teams from around the world. In their vision for the expansion, the architects decided that the biodiversity of the Cape floral kingdom had ample inspiration to offer. It was from this concept that the new building design and its furnishings were born: taking the number of plant species native to the Cape (6 210) and one to represent the presence of humans using the space, they devised a ‘code’ that would be mimicked throughout the building. For starters, the new long, curved roof will resemble the shape of a DNA helix. There will also be a pattern of blocks that ‘look like genetic markers’ on the walls and in the various furnishings. Some of the other highlights will include:
  • The two convention-centre buildings will be linked via a glass bridge on the first level and an underground service tunnel.
  • The new tower block will be built on stilts and house both offices and hotel space.
  • A long escalator will ‘snake’ up to the top of the double-volume space, while extensive glass will be used to ensure that the building is light and airy.
  • The two exhibition halls will be ‘stacked’ on top of each other on the two floors.
The expansion is also expected to create around 3 000 extra jobs. We would like to hear what you think about this news – tell us on Facebook or tweet your feedback to @houseleisureSA.   Naomi Larkin  Editor – House and Leisure   Text: Written by Kim Grové for Naomi Larkin Images: CCTIC