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Colour co-ordinating

House and Leisure asked interior designer and local trend expert Michelle Trimborn of Design Quarters for some tips on colour co-ordinating your home. Michelle says that you can use the same shades and tones of colour in a room, a technique she refers to as creating a monochromatic colour scheme. Bear the following in mind when you're planning your colour scheme:
  • Use pale tones for a more soothing effect.
  • Use a bolder tone for an accent wall or accent piece in the room.
  • Another nice option for a monochromatic look is to use one colour and add white and some timber.
  • As a general guideline, use quiet colours on walls and floors (as these are permanent fixtures) and for big ticket items. This will be your blank canvas onto which you add colour via your furniture, accessories and artwork.
  • It is even advisable to go for a non-committal grey for large pieces of furniture, for example, your couch, so that you don't have to re-upholster often.
  • Also, the smaller the item, the bolder you can go with colour – think cushions, lampshades, throws, bowls, and placemats.
Although these suggestions may help you, remember that they are guidelines only. The top rule is to do what makes you happy! For more information contact Michelle Trimborn at Design Quarters on 021-801-6680, visit or join Michelle’s blog here. Image of living room: Judd van Rensburg