Christmas Inspiration

A trinket left echoing inside a shoebox so as not to give away its form. A ring set to spark in its Christmas cracker disguise. A décor gift wrapped with a handsome dishcloth and tied with twine. There’s nothing quite like giving (or receiving) an originally packaged Christmas gift. This year we’ve come up with a list of quirky and unique wrapping options, from a  cast of printed characters to hand sketched gift paper and personalised tags. Something worth thinking about when on the hunt for festive stationery this season: why not commission an illustrator to pencil some designs for you? You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that their personalised goods aren’t much more expensive than store-shelved cards, plus you earn points for thoughtfulness! Hover your mouse over the pics above to read more about these quirky wrapping options. Stockist details:
  • Jesse Breytenbach Atomic flowers and chickweed ribbons , Heart stitched tags jezze@tiscali.co.za
  • BeKind Christmas wrapping paper hanhughes@gmail.com
  • Love Letter Stationery Washi tape,  gift pack essentials, personalised crackers, personalised tags  lovelettersstationery@gmail.com
  • Patrick Latimer (Claude Bear) Christmas cards patrick.latimer@gmail.com,
  • Design Kist Christmas cow teatowels info@designkist.com
  • Olivia Villet Handprinted robin cards and reindeer tags  oliviavillet@googlemail.com
  • Illustrator Maria Lebedeva The polar bear series 1,2 and 3 Christmas cards maria@marialebedeva.co.za
  • Unwrapped Christmas gift cards and wrapping paper unwrapped.capetown@gmail.com
  • Lauren Fowler Christmas gift tags hello@laurenfowler.co.za
  • Bow-peep Wrapping trimmings  leila@shopbowpeep.co.za
  • Merrypak economy Christmas carrier bags info@merrypak.co.za
  • Genevieve Motley Christmas card decorations info@genevievemotley.com
Text: Jess Suter