Choosing a bed

We chatted to Debbie Hall, creator and owner of The Hall Collection, a luxury linen and bespoke bed company. As well as giving advice on how to choose a bed, she also explained how important a good bed is to our general health and wellbeing. Before we even begin to discuss how to choose a bed, there are some things you need to consider: 1. We spend 1/3 of our life in bed. 2. We need good REM (deep sleep) in order to restore and rejuvente. Bear in mind that 50 per cent of sleep disturbance is caused by your partner. 3.  We spend so much time learning about being healthy – what to eat, how to exercise etc.  What's often left out is how to sleep better. We need to pay more attention to this. 4.  There is no doubt that better sleep gives us better days. 5.  Natural fabrics make it easier for the body to maintain a healthy temperature. They also prevent static electricity around the body. With this information in mind, here are some tips for finding the right bed for you: 1.  Choose the best bed you can afford – it's an important investment in your health and wellbeing. 2.  Choose the biggest bed you can, as size really does count. 3.  Try as many different beds as possible before you commit. Make sure you find the one that gives you the best support. 4.  Choose to sleep on and in natural fabrics, as this will make an immense difference to how you sleep. To view more beautiful beds and linen by The Hall Collection, visit their website at thehallcollection.co.za or call Debbie on 083-626-1058 for more info.