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Cement Laptop Bags

With Father's Day coming up on 17 June, many of you will be looking for the perfect gift for the occasion. Forget the soap on a rope this year and go for something a little more quirky. Whether the dad in your family is the trendy type, lugs his laptop around with him every day, or simply has a fun sense of humour, this PPC Cement Bag designed by Wren Design will make for a great gift. Playing with the concept of the cement brand being tough and durable, these laptop bags are also practical and long-lasting. They feature the famous Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) logo on the outside and are as close as you can get to the real deal. In fact, each item is made using an unused PPC paper bag; after separating the layers inside, they 'remove the top and third layer of the bag and fuse them together'.  The bags are then bonded together with black cotton to ensure that they can hold a reasonable weight, and the patterns are drawn onto the fabric. Each one has two magnets hidden on the flap to close it securely and comes with two pockets and two sections for ample storage space. And the inside of the bag is also padded to protect your laptop and other electronics from any damage. The 13'' and 15'' laptop bags sell for R620 each and the 17'' bags retail at R635. Choose from these novel designs in a number of different colours, including black, red, blue or black and red. Order yours from The Wren shop on Etsy or from the convenient local Meekel online store (please note delivery from Meekel takes between 5 - 10 days).