Cedarberg Mountains

A few years back, on my first visit to the Cedarberg, I insisted that we try to find some of the original Bushman paintings which I learnt about in my Art History class in high school. After a very long and slow journey along a never-ending dirt road (with a tired toddler, impatient husband and a low-slung GTi, mind you) we eventually found the elusive paintings in the Stadsaal Caves. And it was so worth it! What a find, and what a feeling to know that thousands of years before us a fellow family of explorers had made this their temporary home and decorated the walls with pictures of their favourite animal - elephants. Amazing to think that wild elephants roamed this part of the world. Here, you'll find a few of my amateur photos of their pictures as well as the stunning Cedarberg Mountains and rocks. And if you ever find yourself in the Cedarberg be sure to pay this site a visit, but learn from our mistake and remember to pack a picnic lunch - there are no shops in this part of the world!
  img5860img5834img5841cedarbergimg5862img5867img5858Text and images: Kathryn Rossiter  As the author of Becoming You, Kathryn is a mom of two, wife of nine (years that is!), Capetonian, book lover, chocoholic, francophile, magazine addict, prettiness magpie, amateur photographer, jewellery junkie, sometimes gardener, wannabe world traveller (on hold for now), terrible saver, reluctant chef, creative crafter, art film watcher, impatient driver, children’s book collector, list maker, saved by grace… She blogs to connect with the world and to remind herself of who she is aside from someone’s mom.