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Camera Couture Bags

With our March Small Spaces issue currently on shelf we've got all sorts of storage solutions on our minds and are constantly looking out for novel ideas to organise our belongings. So you can imagine our excitement when we spotted this storage device with a difference. If you're an avid photographer – be it amateur or professional – and you're not particularly taken with the assortment of camera bags available on the market, then this clever alternative might just be for you. Think a camera bag and hand bag all in one. Now you won't have to lug around several bags and pouches to house your camera equipment. Instead, opt for one of these chic alternatives from Camera Couture, who have perfected the art of crafting the perfect camera bag. Cape Town-based, self-described 'hobbyist photographer', Mike Metelerkamp, immediately spotted a gap in the market for colourful and creative camera bags, which would outshine the industrial, run-of-the-mill products that were solely concerned with practicality. Each bag comes with a padded interior and adjustable Velcro compartments that you are free to rearrange to store and carry the body, lenses, and flash of your camera – plus there's extra space for personal items too. And because it looks just like a fashion accessory from the outside, nobody will suspect that you're carrying camera equipment! The variety of ladies' bags are made by the well-known fashion labels Jo Totes and Kelly Moore, while there are also options for men who want to look stylish while snapping. The camera bags are priced from R825 each and you can buy them exclusively online via For more information call Mike Metelerkamp on 073-988-8304, become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @cameracouture.