Buying a Cowhide

Megan Schultz of African Gameskin provided some insight into what should be remembered when purchasing a cowhide and how one should take care of it. African Gameskin was founded over a decade ago and specialises in leathers which can be made into decor items and accessories.  CHOOSING THE RIGHT ONE Buying a cow hide, be it for a rug or to make up a furniture piece, is a very exciting experience, as each hide is unique! The best way to go about this is to decide which type of hide you would like- they range from salt & pepper, to brindle, Frieslands and more. Their colours range from light brown to dark brown to black and white and they also vary in size from small to very large. We have a selection to view on our website as well as at our showroom. A good quality hide will be one with a butterfly pattern, where one side/half is a mirror image of the other. Also make sure your hide has been properly tanned to avoid problems occurring later. Cow hides should be bought from reputable shops and stockists who have valid certificates. This will ensure that it has been tanned to international standards and that you are investing in a good quality product. HOW TO CARE FOR IT As a natural product a cowhide should be placed in a low traffic area. When placed in high traffic zones it could lead to excessive hair breakage or bald patches on its surface. All natural hair on products tends to fade when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight and should not get wet. To care for your hide you need only sweep/vacuum it regularly in the direction of the hair growth- the longer the hair on the hide the more it will need sweeping. Do not go against this natural direction as this could also lead to hair breakage. Should a spill occur, remove any particles immediately & soak up the spill, then wipe with a clean, damp (never wet) cloth until the area is clean. Ensure that the area dries again naturally. Avoid detergents as they may cause bleaching. For more information visit their website or call 021-946-4874