To most of us, India is a far-off wonderland. But to Katie Pitman, owner of BIZOUS décor and clothing range, it’s both a reality and an inspiration. Katie moved to India four years ago, and while visa issues meant she couldn’t work during her four years there, she didn’t sit around and brood. Instead, she indulged her creative side and scoured the markets and back alleys in her spare time, finding little treasures and suppliers that most people wouldn’t normally come across. ‘Ever since I was little I have always had a mad love for colour, making things, dreaming up décor and design plans and ideas, and shopping, of course,’ she told HL. She's also always known she wanted to start a company called BIZOUS, simply because she loved the sound of the word. Everything fell into place in India, where she started putting together some designs with the gorgeous materials she had found. ‘India was the best place one could ask for in terms of inspiration,’ she says, and within just a few months, her first range was complete. Katie’s collection includes everything from shirts, kimonos, shower caps and shoes to bunnies, table linen, bed linen, gorgeous organic cotton quilts, bolts of ikat fabric in every colour imaginable, dhurries, sarongs, scarves, and now a new range of fabulous paintings from Vietnam, too. ‘The style is a total mix,’ she says, and we have to agree. Don’t expect your usual Indian mish-mash of silks and woods – Katie has created a unique range of soft furnishings and clothing that reflects both her quirky love of colour and the best of Indian raw materials. BIZOUS has recently opened a ‘by-appointment-only’ showroom in Illovo, Johannesburg, which will be launched with a pop-up store this week. Stop by 53 Desborough Ave, Winston Ridge on Thursday 1 Dec from 9-7, Friday 9-5 or Saturday 9-3. Alternatively, call Katie on 082-927-0401 to book an appointment. Text: Roberta Coci