Artree For iPad

Koren designer Hansol Huh's Artree For iPad is a generative art app that draws beautiful trees based on a few settings and a lot of random generation. The result is unique designs every time you want to experiment. To start you can select leaf, flower, and node sizes and shapes, as well as a tree type and colours for the background and tree elements. As you create a design the app plays relaxing music by media artist Swann Che, getting you into a Zen mood to complement the drawing experience. The process is simple. In Tree mode, set by holding the iPad in a portrait orientation, a single tree will grow from the bottom of the screen, based on your settings. In Forest mode, set by holding the iPad in a landscape orientation, trees, also based on your settings, will fade onto the screen one by one. The result in either mode is mesmerising to watch as the artwork manifests before you. The app's most rewarding experience, however, is Drawing mode. In this mode, trace a line across the iPad's screen using your finger and watch as branches, leaves and flowers grow from your central line. If you don't like the result or if your line is not to your liking, it's a simple matter of drawing a new one and watching as the app generates a completely new tree based on the line's shape. The finished designs can be exported as files in JPEG format with a resolution of 1024x1024 or PNG with a resolution of 1024x1024 or 1600x1600, which is perfect for a wallpaper for an iPhone or the iPad 1 or iPad 2 (both sizes are a little small for the new iPad, however). Artree For iPad is available via the iTunes App Store for $1,99 (approximately R17). For more information visit the Story website. Text: Mandy J Watson Mandy J Watson is an award-winning journalist, copy editor, and blogger who runs brainwavez.org, which is devoted to all the geeky areas where culture and technology intersect. You can follow her on Twitter at @mandyjwatson.