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Art exhibition: Jewellery and art

In our 2012 Trend Report we predicted that collaborations were going to be big this year, so we're thrilled that next week's exhibition at InToto Gallery is 100 per cent dedicated to this theme. Translations: Art into Jewellery is, exactly as the title implies, a show celebrating jewellery as art. Schwartz Jewellers have collaborated with nine esteemed South African artists to translate their work into wearable art. The project saw, to name just two, a Diana Hyslop oil reworked into a playful, glittering brooch and a Norman Catherine bronze transformed into a delicate necklace. 'It was an inspiring and hair-raising experience, working with artists to transform their various different mediums into jewellery,' Isa Schwartz explained when we met up with her earlier this week. 'We set ourselves the challenge of creating multi-purpose pieces that showed a clear translation from the artists' original works. We made many of  the designs double up as different types of jewellery, for example a necklace that can be taken apart to be worn as a ring, and we made sure the pieces, when not being worn, can be beautifully displayed as art.' The process, which began three years ago, was a rewarding one and the results are astonishing. The works were originally exhibited two years ago at the Standard Bank Gallery,  with the following artists taking part in the exhibition:

  • Norman Catherine
  • Marco Cianfanelli
  • Michael Frampton
  • Faiza Galdhari
  • Diana Hyslop
  • Loren Kaplan
  • Dylan Lewis
  • Senzeni Marasela
  • Karel Nel
  • Walter Oltmann
Each piece shows a clear break from the next, with nine very different stories being told. The exhibition will be displayed to the public again this month, at InToto Gallery, where you can see the jewellery alongside the artwork that inspired it. The show opens at 6pm on 12 April and will be on until 8 May. Be sure to pop past to see a series of incredible collaborations that prove just how well art translates into different mediums. InToto Gallery: 6 Birdhaven Centre 66 St Andrew Street, Birdhaven, Johannesburg,