Art exhibition: Bare Your Bones

We've had our eye on talented Joburg artist, Mariëtte Bergh, for many years, and are thrilled that she'll be opening her third solo exhibition this week, in Braamfontein. Mariëtte is expecting her first child, so it's no surprise that the show deals with 'the transition from whimsical youth to responsible adulthood'. The artist asks the prevalent question, 'How does one "grow-up" without losing the magic of a youthful spirit?' and her quest for an answer results in a beautiful collection of melancholic, dreamy illustrations. Mariëtte's body of new work includes reverse-glass paintings and a combination of reverse-glass with ink drawings on wood, making for an unusual and design-orientated collection of work that, despite new techniques, represents the artist's signature style. Her work is known for its use of fictitious characters, birds and animals, to illustrate humanity and the satire of urban existence. 'Animals beautifully reflect the mundane routines that we are so caught up in. Seeing the same robin every morning in the same place, exactly the same time, or a group of pigeons that go about their business in the same city square day by day is alarmingly similar to our own daily patterns.' Bare Your Bones will be on at Room, from 15 March to 14 April 2012. 70 Juta Precinct, Juta Street, Braamfontein, urbanartprojects.org