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Who are Africa’s favourite tourists?, an online reservations platform for African safari holidays, recently surveyed more than 400 safari tour operators to find out which nationalities are most and least liked as tourists. The survey is considered the largest (and therefore most representative) of its kind, and we have to say, the patterns that were revealed are really quite fascinating. Some of the results reinforce old stereotypes about who we, as Africans, do and don’t enjoy having in our midst, but other findings are quite surprising. Not for any reason other than its really interesting, we’ve picked out some of the key points that came out of the survey below.

americans are lovely

American safari-goers were generally rated as being the most pleasant to deal with, followed closely behind by Canadians and Australians. Safari tour operators consider our US brothers and sisters to be friendly folk who tip generously, have a good sense of humour and a decent respect for local customs. SafariSurvey1

germans are always on time

No surprises here. Our friends from Germany were rated by many of the tour operators to be incredibly punctual. They were also praised as being travellers who have relatively good respect for local traditions.

italians aren’t often on time

Unlike their German counterparts, Italians were rated as being, well, not so punctual. Many of those surveyed said that travellers from the boot-shaped land are notoriously late (alongside Brazilians), often a bit rude and not so great at listening to instructions. Their saving grace is that, apparently, despite all this, they’re quite easy to please.

dutch tourists are tight with their travel cheques

Although our friends from the Netherlands were rated as being quite pleasant, they were also labeled as being the worst tippers of the lot, followed by the French, who also, according to the survey, tend to keep a tight hold on their cash. SafariSurvey2

british game viewers are charming but demanding

Many tour operators, particularly those based in Southern Africa, find travellers from Britain to be courteous, punctual and fair with tipping, but they’re also rated as being not so easy to please.

south africans are not so loved by other south africans

Interestingly, South African tour operators rated South African traveller as the least likeable and made a point that they’re not so punctual either. Still, South Africans did come in quite high on the humour index. SafariSurvey3 See more results at