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Visit Accra's hot spots

It's a bustling metropolis with a young and vibrant energy, and because of this, Accra, Ghana, is starting to etch its mark on the international design, fashion and trends map, which is exactly the reason we've included it on the HL Trends list for 2016. Here are five must-visits spots to visit to experience Accra at its best:

kaya energy bar

kaya The raw food movement has hit West African shores with the launch of Kaya Energy Bar in 2014. The restaurant comes complete with boutique and gallery so that you can feast your eyes while you satisfy your palate. Get more at

coffin art

Accra is also home to this unlikely art for the dead. Founded by Seth Kane Kwei in the 1950s, it is his grandson, Eric Adjetey Anang, who continues to develop these amazing and quirky coffin sculptures.

coco lounge

cocolounge If you’re looking for a little bit of swag, then this high-end cocktail lounge with a smart-casual dress code, is the place for you. Enjoy the relaxed fare that’s full of flavour in a spacious and glamorous setting. Get more at

la maison

lamaison This is a gallery that aims to inspire with a vast array of lifestyle and art objects. It’s a platform for top Ghanaian talent to display their creations alongside top international names. Visit

one airport square

onairportsquare Just a few minutes from the airport, this eco-friendly building offers up state of the art building principles, seeking to make the most of design to ensure the preservation of precious light and energy-saving. The building is the first environmentally certified commercial building in Ghana, and not only offers up smart design but also smart technology to ensure that resources such as water and energy use is efficient.