Top 5 Travel Apps

In order to stay current in today's market, many brands have moved into the next frontier of user engagement by creating iOS and Android apps to complement their existing service or product.

In a country that is characterised by unique cultural treasures and natural phenomena, those in travel-related fields have had to catch on quickly. At the touch of our fingertips, we can plan safe routes on the roads, find our way around unknown streets and cities, seek out wildlife hotspots and book flights. Moreover, the influx of tools - covering the whole spectrum of travel -  are in a constant process of refinement to ensure a happy and informed user experience of South African history, culture and natural wonder.

Here is a list of 5 apps that provide the perfect toolkit for smooth navigation for both local and international users:


1. The South Africa Travel Guide

This app offers a collection of comprehensive guides for more than 24 international cities. It includes over 1500 points of interest from entertainment attractions and restaurants to cultural, historical and scenic locations. The app uses GPS mapping to figure out your location and guide you in the direction of your nearest points of interest. It also offers snippets of important information about a particular sight in audio or text format.  What sets this app a part is the fact that it works completely offline; all you need to do is update it before you embark on your trip so the most recent information can be uploaded.


Download the app for free:


2. TravelStart

Travelstart has earned the reputation as Africa's best and fairest travel booking agency. They recently released an app that further saves you time by comparing the latest flight prices from the world’s top airlines so you don’t have to. The search functionality also allows users to refine their needs and preferences with parameters like flight prices and duration, cabin class and preferred airline.


Download the app for free:


3. TomTom Southern Africa

Nobody wants to get lost on the highways and byways of South Africa's roads. The Tom Tom app offers easy, reliable, peace-of-mind driving.  The comprehensive mapping of roads also gives you parameters to customise your journey. Take the fastest, shortest or most eco-friendly route depending on your preferences. Special features include spoken street names that help to keep your eyes on the road and the ability to work offline while you adventure into signal-less terrain.


Download the app for R599:


4. Waze

Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. A community of drivers - including you - are able to share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and petrol on their daily commute. From traffic alerts to warnings of road hazards and speed traps, Waze helps you to arrive incident and frustration free.


Download the app for free:


5. Africa : Live

This cool app collects and maps wildlife sightings uploaded by users. Users share their sightings in real-time so that others who are nearby know where to look. The app has also been awarded the title of 'Best Travel App' in Africa by South African Tourism and Visa.  It's also pretty nifty for animal conservation research!


Download the app for free: