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Timeless Travels: Italy

This post features my travel photography of Lucca, Italy, and forms part of my Timeless Travels series which features photos from my travels around the world. Most of these travels took part during the two years when I lived with my husband in the UK. From there we were able to do quite a bit of exploring in the UK as well as Europe. I am a very happy person when I travel, even though it can sometimes be a stressful time, I always found it added so much to my life! I loved every trip we took and as a way of remembering these holidays I thought I would share a few pics from each trip on this blog... Travelling is something I really wish I could do more of - unfortunately in this season of life of having small children and limited finances - international travel isn't something happening soon, but it is definitely on the horizon! I hope you enjoy these pics and that they inspire you to add a few destinations to your travel bucket list. Over the course of the series I will try to share a bit more about our trips to each destination. I might even get around to recommending various places to see or an itinerary to follow, especially for Italy which is a country we spent a few weeks in. What a beautiful country at every turn and mouthful! I am desperate to go back at the first opportunity. Lucca Italy 1Lucca Italy 2Lucca Italy 3Lucca Italy 4Lucca Italy 5Lucca Italy 6Lucca Italy 7 Want to take a virtual holiday to Italy? See more of this beautiful country by coming along on my Italian holiday. Our itinerary will take us to Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Lucca, Pisa, Cortona, Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Rome, Bay of Poets, Milan and the Cinque Terre. As the author of Becoming You, Kathryn is a mom of two, wife of nine (years that is!), Capetonian, book lover, chocoholic, francophile, magazine addict, prettiness magpie, amateur photographer, jewellery junkie, sometimes gardener, wannabe world traveller (on hold for now), terrible saver, reluctant chef, creative crafter, art film watcher, impatient driver, children’s book collector, list maker, saved by grace… She blogs to connect with the world and to remind herself of who she is aside from someone’s mom.