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sweden has listed the entire country on airbnb


Love to travel on the cheap and always up for an adventure? Well, it just became easier – and more interesting – than ever to visit Sweden, arguably one of the most socially progressive countries in the world. This is thanks to a recent decision by the Swedish Tourism Board to list all publicly-owned land on popular home-sharing platform Airbnb. Sweden’s core philosophy of Allemansrätten (or the freedom to roam), which is actually protected by law, means that the whole of nature belongs to the people, who have right of access to all land that isn’t privately held. Through their collaboration with Airbnb – the first of its kind – Visit Sweden is extending this offer to international travellers. An excerpt from the official press release reads: 'Freedom to roam allows everyone and anyone to be free amidst Swedish nature with the right to access, walk, cycle or camp on any land. Every lake is your infinity pool, every mountaintop your granite terrace, every meadow becomes a garden and every forest a pantry filled with mushrooms and berries. From the southernmost Smygehuk headland to the wilderness around the Three-Country Cairn in the north, the entire country of Sweden is included in your booking.' Visit to find out more.