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Stay in a Sand Castle

Now you can fulfill your childhood fantasies of sleeping in the sand castle you so lovingly laboured over. Two hotels in Oss and Sneek in the Netherlands, have built rooms on the beach made entirely from sand. Inspired by the ice hotels constructed annually over the Christmas period and which melt away when the warmer weather hits, these novel structures will live only until the end of the brief summer period. Sculptors have recreated castles complete with turrets and draw bridges, so you’ll truly be staying in the ‘castle’ you once built on the beach as a kid. The sandy interior comes complete with a comfortable bed, fully equipped bathroom and all the necessary comforts you’d expect from a hotel stay. ‘I wanted to do something special and it’s a bit of a childhood dream of mine to sleep in a sandcastle,’ a Dutch mechanic reportedly involved in the project told AFP. The castles coincide with annual sand sculpture festivals in the region, which see many admirers flock to beaches across the Netherlands. A stay in the sand castle won’t come cheap at €150 euros, but why worry about the cost of reliving a childhood dream?