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Favourite things to see and do in the town of Scarborough

Micky Hoyle

The November 2016 issue of House and Leisure features the home of Craig Price. This Nordic-style home is situated in the sea-facing, picturesque town of Scarborough, just outside of Cape Town. Built to venerate the versatility of glass, wood and steel, Craig's home is a showcase of sophistication and style, accented by natural features like mature trees and indigenous vegetation. As part of this quaint seaside community, Price enjoys the outdoors and the appeal of rustic hideaways along the coastline. We asked him to tell us more about the places he loves in Scarborough: scarborough “Scarborough has a raw, energizing beauty that you truly experience on an early morning walk around Scarborough Point. There are excellent surf spots here too, and for kite boarding Witsands is just down the road. What I love is the fact that although Scarborough is small, you’ve got everything you want here. The Village Hub is home to Foragers Deli and the Cape Point Bakery whose breads are perfection. I usually go for the ciabatta and I’m a sucker for their pastries. I can also stock up on my organic veggies, good cheeses and the best local eggs in town, supplied by Gavin Lutge who was the structural engineer for my Synergy treehouse. I’m completely addicted to the Granola Dust at the Whole Earth Café. Their menu is small yet exceptional. And healthy! It’s in a tucked away location and feels like an undiscovered secret (but I guess I’ve just blown that one out of the water.) In summer I enjoy sundowners and early evening meals at the Hub Café. People come from far and wide for the Hub experience. You can hear many languages spoken there throughout the year. It’s hard to get a table on warm evenings, but Kyall and Natasha always try to make a plan. Everybody raves about their pizzas. I like their fish and chips too. Camel Rock has just opened a chilled yet vibey beer garden with live music on Saturdays and they do an awesome fish braai on Sunday evenings. I try to support local people like Steve and Juliette of Red Rock Tribal which sells African artefacts and the work of rural and local artists. They’re a tapped-in humble couple with a worldwide reputation for knowing their stuff when it comes to tribal art. Scarborough is an exceptional community with a lot of talented individuals. Truly a special place.” See Craig Price's Scarborough home in HL November 2016.