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Puresmile at Gallagher Estate

If you're in the Mother City and looking to pamper yourself, why not ensure that you're looking after the environment at the same time? At WoW - Ways of Wellness - you'll find several treatments that mirror its ethos of being a 100% organic beauty spa. One of their most popular offerings at the moment is the famous fish spa treatment, where you place your feet in a fresh water tank and allow the Garra rufa fish (also known as doctor or nibble fish) to gently nibble away at dry and dead skin, leaving your feet feeling refreshed. Another great product they supply is Puresmile, a 100% organic teeth whitening product that promises fantastic results. This 'do it yourself', self-administered procedure takes a small amount of natural teeth whitening gel and applies it to both sides of a mouth tray. The tray then rests on the teeth and a LED lamp is turned on and put into contact with the teeth for 15 minutes. The sodium bicarbonate based gel is very reactive under the LED lamp and, therefore, no more than two 15 minute sessions are necessary for optimum whitening results. Puresmile gel doesn't contain any chemicals, is 100% natural and also won't contribute to teeth sensitivity or gum irritation. For more information contact Ludovic Berthlin on 076-789-3950 or Edouard Leleu on 083-878-3547. If you're in Joburg this weekend, between 2 - 3 September 2012, you should pop into the Professional Beauty Expo at Gallagher Estate, where Puresmile will be exhibiting their products. You can also visit the Ways of Wellness Spa at 103 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town. Go to waysofwellness.co.za or call 021-424-5503 to get in touch.