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Play with ellies in Thailand

The first thing you'll learn from the team at Elephant Hills, one of the most reputable resorts in Thailand's Khao Sok National Park (a place you can experience firsthand if you win this incredible trip to Thailand for six nights), is that elephants are not to be sat on. At Elephant Hills, you'll not only get to see the area's ellies up close, but you'll get to interact with them in a way that respects both them and humans. We talked to Marketing Coordinator Julie Schoen about why Elephant Hills is a unique place and got a glimpse into life in Thailand among the elephants.

'At Elephant Hills we educate guests about this natural habitat and its conservation,' says Julie.
'Khao Sok is home to threatened and endangered animal species – experts estimate the biodiversity to be higher than in the Amazon basin. Its conservation is vital for the ecological balance of Southern Thailand.'  

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'Asian elephants have been classified as "endangered" in the IUCN red list since 1986, a mere three ranks from being entirely extinct!'
'Elephant tourism is highly popular in Thailand. Unfortunately, typically, elephants are ridden, not looked after well and overworked to ensure a maximum profit for the owner. Elephants' backbones are very sharp and weight on them damages their skeleton. At Elephant Hills, we have successfully proven that elephants do not have to be ridden in order to guarantee an enjoyable experience for tourists, and of course we've greatly increased the enjoyment of the activity for the animal too.'  
'We are home to a small elephant herd, currently consisting of 12 animals'.
'In our unique Elephant Experience you get to watch and interact (no riding!) with endangered Asian elephants (Elephas Maximus).' 'As part of our unique Elephant Experience, our highly knowledgeable and well-trained guides pass on their wisdom about elephant conservation to a wide number of international travelers, hence increasing awareness all over the globe.'  

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'Calling Thailand my home is terrific – the Land of Smiles! Lovely people, tasty food, versatile landscapes and lots of sun!'
'Plus, I get to feed elephants and stay in luxury tents floating on a stunning lake in the National Park. Living in South Africa before definitely prepared me to take things with a smile sometimes and to adapt to a new culture quickly. I would love to welcome more South African travellers – I’m sure they would love it here!'    
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Find out more about the luxury tented accommodation at Elephant Hills and read about our Thailand experience in the April issue of House and Leisure, on shelves from 21 March 2016.