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Our Island Holiday Shopping Guide

The summer season is here, and there's no better way to make the most of balmy weather than to head off on an island holiday, be it to the Maldives or Mykonos. We've selected a number of seasonal essentials to pack for your island holiday, which of course will be just as useful on any other beach vacation.

throw in the towel

A towel is no longer just a towel. With all the beautiful products available at the likes of Lala Linen, Mungo and Hertex, you are really spoiled for choice, and your towel will be very much part of your island style attire this summer.
towels-mungo-lala-mungo 1. Itawuli towel R205, Mungo. 2. Hamam towel R580, Lala Linen. 3. Belgian Waffle towel R185,  Mungo.

056-hertex0073-_-600 Turkish towels R370, Hertex.

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shades of blue

Sunglasses are a must-have for an island getaway. We really like the shade of blue from the ever-expanding Ray-Ban collection.    
ray-bans 1. HERS: Original Ray Ban Aviators in Silver and Blue R2 090, Sunglass Hut. 2. HIS: Round Metal with Matte Silver R2 290, Sunglass Hut

bag it

Pack away your Marc Jacobs and bring out the beach bag. We really like this large nude beach bag in jute fabric with black woven detail, available from H&M.  
hm-beach-bag-r299-_-600 Beach bag R299, H&M

reinvigoration for your skin

The natural look will never age, but you might need some brightening up after a day in the sun. Renew your look for a night out with a little BB cream and blush for glowing cheeks.  
bag-content 1. Nourishing Argan Oil BB Cream R249,95.  2. Nourishing Argan Oil Blush R219,94, both from Dis-Chem. 3. Water bottle R89,99, H&M.

don't forget your hat

The sun is lovely but harsh, so be sure to cover up. We really love this classic panama hat available from Witchery. 60201975_116_1-_-600 Brow Trim Fedora R399, Witchery at Woolworths.

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