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20 breathtaking photographs from around the world

Travel broadens our horizons. By discovering new or unfamiliar sights, places and ways of life, we gain a greater appreciation for the world we live in and a better understanding of what it means to exist. While most of us won't make it around the globe, we're lucky that modern technology has allowed good photography to become so accessible. More locations – from the bustling tourist meccas to the ultra-remote – are being beautifully documented for us to enjoy than ever before. With that in mind, we've collected 20 of our favourite travel photographs from 2016 and 2017 to stir up your sense of wanderlust. So, where to next?
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travel marrakesh Marrakesh, Morocco: a beautiful reflection in Ben Youssef Madrasa. Image credit: Takashi Nakagawa

travel foxes Hokkaido, Japan: around the end of the winter, red foxes meet the season of love; they care for and love each other enough to make us jealous. Image credit: Hiroki Inoue

travel sulfur Dallol, Ethiopia: a sulphur lake is pictured in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression. At about 100m below sea level, it's one of the hottest places on earth. Image credit: CNN

travel russia a Russia: 'Holiday' (2007). Image credit: Frank Herfort

travel elephant Cheow Lan Lake, Thailand: Indian elephants feature painted trunks and ears. Image credit: Elephant Hills

travel indonesia East Java, Indonesia: Mount Bromo, an active volcano towers over the landscape. Image credit: Zoonar GmbH

travel germany Potsdam, Germany: Sanssouci was the summer palace of Frederick the Great, who was King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786. It was built in the Rococo style and is regarded as Germany's answer to France's Palace of Versailles. Image credit: CNN

travel malawi Lake Malawi, Mozambique: the ferry Ilala makes its way across the lake. Image credit: Nkwichi Lodge

travel new york New York, USA: One World Trade Center and NYC skyline framed through an art installation in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Image credit: Dave Paek

travel hills Cheow Lan Lake, Thailand: mist drifts over the rainforest. Image credit: Elephant Hills

travel sydney opera Sydney, Australia: an unusual view of Sydney Opera House. Image credit: Douglas Mark Black

travel china Guangzhou, China: the student dormitories of South China Normal University. Image credit: Wing Ka H

travel idaho Idaho, USA: Outpost, an isolated off-the-grid house, stands resolutely in the desert. Image credit: Outpost

travel lion Arusha, Tanzania: a comical one-way traffic jam leaves these lions flummoxed as to how to descend. Image credit: Zhayynn James

travel sydney Sydney, Australia: the building in Taylor Square, Surry Hills, was built as a commercial bank in 1910 and went on to house the city's most notorious club. Artist Reko Rennie transformed the facade into a bold statement that 'explores what it means to be an urban Aboriginal in contemporary Australian society'. Image credit: Douglas Mark Black

travel outpost California, USA: Treebones Resort's Autonomous Tent looks out over California's panoramic Big Sur coast. Image credit: Treebones Resort

travel Thailand Thailand: A school of fish swim underneath the sun. Image credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

travel japan Mount Fuji, Japan: the Aokigahara forest is about 3 500ha and was formed around 1 000 years ago. The ground is uneven and covered with moss. Image credit: Tomasz Lazar

travel russia Russia: 'Ball in Forest' (2014). Image credit: Frank Herfort