“If you take care of the trivial things, the things of importance will always fall into place.” – Zayne Symons, Distribution Leader, SHF

Zayne is a man of planning, precision and execution. As the Distribution Leader of SHF, his focus is on delivering products to clients safely, timeously and efficiently. This calls on him to be a man of action and discipline. As a member of SHF for 9 years, Zayne’s expertise is trusted and respected. He is a family man, whose genuine and earnest nature makes him one of the most esteemed employees.

SHF is a leading South African furniture producer. Known for displaying exemplary craftsmanship, the artisans at SHF focus on delivering on-trend items while showing an ongoing commitment to meeting their client’s needs for bespoke design. Zayne shares his favourite items from SHF’s current range:



Booth Plain Headboard (R6995)



Dillon Corner Sofa (RXXXXX)



Essex Chair (R7995)



Tracker Granite Scatter (R695)




Epping Plasma (R9995)


Casement Mirror (R2695)


Agra Sideboard (R21995)


Bourbon Dining Chair (R1195)



Panja Beige Rug, (R11995)

For more information on SHF, please visit shf.co.za

Gordon Beard is the production leader of Comfy Lounge at SHF (Sutherlands Home Furnishing). His role entails managing a team of artisans, spearheading the workflow of the factory and ensuring that the highest-quality and most comfortable textiles are used to upholster the artisanally produced couches for which SHF has become known.

Gordon can often be found scurrying around the factory and putting in late nights in order to keep production running smoothly, and he is held in high regard by his colleagues for his laid-back temperament and caring nature. He fulfils his role with the know-how of a trained artisan who not only possesses the hands-on skills needed to do a job well, but also has the character to lead with integrity.

SHF is a leading South African furniture producer. Known for displaying exemplary craftsmanship, the artisans at SHF focus on delivering on-trend items while showing an ongoing commitment to meeting their client’s needs for bespoke design. Gordon is one of the many crafters who have contributed collectively to the growth and success of the business. These are his top favourite items from the SHF collection:


Lexington Tufted Headboard (R10995-R16995)




Petite Tressle dining (R16 995 – R19 995)


Milan dresser (R15 995)



Brass Stockholm chair (R4 995)



Farmlands coffee table (R5 995)



For more information on SHF visit: shf.co.za


SHF’s design and development leader lives among the tools of his trade: his sparse office smells of wood and protractors, and long stainless steel rulers lie on his desktop where he sketches his new designs by hand.

Amid the noise of the sawmills in a section of the factory, Rikesh Mahabeer’s office is a haven of quiet and creativity. But do not be fooled by the old bookshelf and his comfortable espresso-coloured chair: although he values old-world craftsmanship, Rikesh is a thoroughly modern man whose arms are covered in tattoos as a reminder and celebration of his wife and two children.

His dual values are evident in the furniture he designs. Although grand in scale, the Belford coffee table he designed for SHF is made modern by its clean lines and uncluttered detailing. The Arice 12-pane mirror evokes the windows many of us grew up with, and the hand-finishing and attention to detail illustrated by its perfect symmetry – Rikesh is never without his tape measure – speak of his painstaking focus on each and every aspect of a design.


Mirage chair; R15 995

Designs such as these also reveal something of the man who designed them. Among his colleagues, Rikesh is known for being straightforward and having a quiet authority, which is respected by all who come to know him, tempered with a warm and welcoming nature, much like a well-designed, considered piece of furniture.


Empire bed; from R9 995

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We know SHF as a home furnishing store that we can count on for carefully crafted pieces that are always on-trend. Few know, though, that SHF began with one small store as long ago as August 1998.

Back then, at a time when “creative” hadn’t yet become a job description and entrepreneurs were few and far between, Craig Steel opened his first store in Chapel Street in his home town, Pietermaritzburg, transporting furniture on the roof rack of his VW Beetle.

SHF now has a comprehensive online store and several magnificent galleries around the country. To pay homage to the designers and craftsmen responsible for the innovative, authentic pieces found there, they have launched #followthemasters to introduce a new master craftsman each month for the next 12 months.

Who better to kick it off than Craig himself?

‘Inspired by the 1950s, I have a love for well-crafted pieces that have been brought into a modern era, dark leathers and salvaged woods, which provide contrast. The feeling of an old design reinterpreted is a massive inspiration for my work. They not only represent where we’ve been but are testament to how far we have come.’


Frank Chair in Vintage Coco Leather; R11 995

‘In the beginning I would work in the Chapel Street store, restoring furniture beyond its original beauty. Determination has brought SHF to where it is today, with vintage items still threaded throughout the showrooms.’

‘By keeping a good circle of people around me to ensure that the SHF brand continues to grow, I know the value of having good relationships with suppliers and being hands-on. I love meeting people who inspire me to be better, to explore more. I believe that the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of an artisan’s soul.’


Admiral Double Dresser in Vintage Black; R27 995

‘After 18 years I’m still very much hands-on in the business. But when I’m not working, I indulge my love of fine wine, good food and vintage cars.’


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Sutherlands Home Furnishing

Sutherlands is offering their Inspirational value offer while stocks last or until the 1st March 2015. Make sure you visit their stores in Randburg- Pretoria- Durban- Midlands- Pietermaritzburg on 0861 375 222

The dining table was R6950, now R5600 – a saving of a massive R1950! Or the dining chairs which were R2250, now R1700 with a R500 saving.

They are also currently offering a combo deal on the dining table plus six chairs for only R14 750!

Keep a eye out for new stores in Kramerville and Ballito coming soon!


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