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Visionary Bed Linen


Back at the beginning of the year, we predicted that a major trend for 2015 would be the appearance of optical motifs on everything from ceramics to textiles. So the new ‘I See You’ duvet cover and pillowcase set by Zana is not just super cute but also very in-vogue. Designed exclusively for, the quirky bedding is made from 100% cotton in a percale stitch and the cartoon-ish screen-printed doodles give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'bedroom eyes'. What's more, because the pattern is quite simple and neutral in hue, the linen is both minimalist and fun and will suit most tastes. The queen-size duvet cover is sold separately to the double set of pillowcases, so if you find it a bit overwhelming (and slightly creepy) to have peepers staring at you from all directions, you could always just opt for the sleepy-eyed pillow cases and match them with other linen. Both items are machine washable and backed with plain white fabric. The duvet cover goes for R999 and the pillowcase set costs R399. Visit to buy yours.