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Trends: Granny Goose

Snoozing is a luxurious affair with Granny Goose, leader in natural down, feather and pure cotton products. Here, we chat to owner, Gaynor Walkey. Explain what Granny Goose means by cocooning and how this relates to bedroom trends in 2014. ‘Cocooning’ is the name given to a trend towards stay-at-home behaviour. Cocooning behaviour is made more attractive by the internet, electronic shopping, social and home entertainment. It’s extended to the bedroom, making your sleeping experience the most comfortable possible. In terms of our sleeping habits, what stands out in sleep research? To drop off to sleep, your body needs to cool down. Your body temperature and your brain’s sleep-wake cycle are closely linked; this is why a down duvet, which adjusts to your body temperature, makes for the most comfortable night’s sleep. Any new products for 2014? In line with cocooning comfort, we are thinking of re-introducing our ‘sleep sack’. It has a featherbed bottom and a light duvet on the top – made into a lightweight ‘bag’ to use when lying on the couch watching a movie. What is your biggest seller? A goose-down box-stitch duvet and a duck-down pillow. For more information, visit