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Transform Your Kid's Room

Production Leana Schoeman Photographs Judd van Rensburg

Former HL Decor Editor Leana Schoeman offers her insights after recreating a child's bedroom. What was the inspiration behind this particular room makeover? I knew that this child loves outdoor things and colour and I used that as the first idea. I wanted to really incorporate his personality with the things he likes rather than forcing my ideas on him. I feel the person whose room it is should love it and feel comfortable in it no matter what age they are. Why did you go for these particular finishes? It was versatile and fun without fuss, just as boys would like it! The wall tattoos or 'decals' can be removed or added to whenever he decides he needs a change. It was also an affordable option using only paint and decals, making a dull space feel far more alive and happy. What is the one biggest challenge you had during this makeover and how did you overcome it? The size of the room was a bit daunting at first but then I used it to my advantage by using bigger visual elements that would make an impact wherever you are in the room without making it feel smaller. Leana's top tips for making over a kid's bedroom: Kids tend to grow out of things and also live in a space without being precious about it, especially boys, so this is what we need to keep in mind: 1. Keep it simple but fun and do not overspend on things. Also, remember to include them in the decisions to make them feel proud and happy about their space. 2. Make sure that it fulfills their needs within the space with regards to activities like homework, pets, preferred games etc. 3. Make it versatile so that it would only need a small update now and then.