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Talk to your kitchen


Whirlpool is showcasing a three-piece suite comprised of refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. It enables users to control their appliances remotely and receive alert notifications. Each appliance in the Smart Kitchen Suite can be personalised through the Whirlpool mobile app. The Smart Front Control Range allows users to preheat, start, pause, stop and adjust temperature and cook time all from their smartphone. Consumers can also receive alerts if the oven is on when no one is home. The Smart Dishwasher sends alerts when a cycle is finished. When the Whirlpool app is synced with an Amazon account for Amazon Dash Replenishment, the dishwasher will estimate when supplies are low and automatically re-order. The Smart French Door refrigerator allows consumers to get alerts if there is a power or Wi-Fi outage. Whirlpool's connected kitchen is on display at the CES electronics trade show this week. It is expected to be made available to the public in late 2016.