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Famous for its luxurious relaxation pods, Dedon has already made a name for itself with its previous seating solutions like the ultimate cocoon-like Nestrest and the ever-glam City Camp. Now they've introduced their latest offering, the Swingrest, which encapsulates the concept of 'easy living' at its best. Conceptualised by Paris-based designer Daniel Pouzet - who is also the co-architect and designer of Dedon Island - the Swingrest is ideal for hanging outdoors on a veranda. Similar in structure to the Nestrest, the new design also has a basket-like bottom, but boasts a more innovative suspension system and an added extra - a 180° rotating tabletop. It's every adult's dream swing! We think Daniel has really outdone himself with this design - there is even an optional fabric curtain cover, perfect if you require shade or a little privacy. And it comes in a natural coloured weave, making it blend into the outdoors effortlessly. Available locally from Cane Time, the Swingrest retails at R63 000 including VAT. Visit Cane Time in Loop Street, Maitland, Cape Town, contact 021-510-1072 or visit canetime.com.