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Summer appliances

Summer may mean fresh salads, cold soups and braais, but there's still some work to be done in the kitchen for the average meal. Here are three small appliances to make indoor cooking quick and easy whilst adding a little restaurant quality to your next meal. Safeway Stainless Steel 7 Egg Boiler Price: R169.99 |  Clicks If you love Caesar salad or classic egg-mayo tea sandwiches, this simple appliance will revolutionise how you prepare your eggs. Simply measure up your number of eggs and preferred consistency on the measuring cup provided and fill with water to the designated line. Pour the water into the boiler, prick the eggs and cover with the dome. In a few minutes you'll have perfectly boiled eggs, ready for deshelling. 230W Slice Supreme Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade Price: R699.95 | 5rooms This price may seem hefty for a small appliance but rest assured it's a good investment. With this hardworking appliance you can skip the usual pre-sliced cold meats, cheese and bread and prepare your own at home instead. Create fresh charcuterie platters when you entertain outdoors, or surprise dinner guests with just-sliced carpaccio wrapped around ripe melon or crunchy breadsticks. Safeway Sandwich Maker Stainless Steel Price: R249.99 | Clicks If there isn't one gathering dust in your kitchen already, then it's time to get yourself a sandwich maker. Traditionally used to make 'snackwich' style toasted sandwiches, this is a summertime must-have for soup and bruschetta lovers. While normal toasting and grilling leaves bread crumbly and abrasive, a press between the sandwich maker will make them super compressed and smooth to the palette. Whether you press a traditional loaf for dipping into cold soups, or small slices of baguette or ciabatta for canapés, the sandwich maker will make them warm to the touch and perfectly browned.