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Styling Home Offices

Micky Hoyle; Nadette Clare Talbot; Jac De Villiers; Elsa Young

A home office can be a tricky place to organise - it needs to feel separate from your home to give you the freedom to concentrate and get down to business, but also needs to feel relaxed and in line with the rest of your home decor style. Here we share some home office design inspiration to get your workspace kitted out: 1. Masculine and strong, we love this raw wood divider cabinet with bold charcoal design elements. MICKY HOYLE - JANFEB 2010 Image credit: Micky Hoyle 2. A heavily illustrated wallpaper is offset by minimalist decor items in primary red and white. SEPTEMBER 2009 - NADETTE CLARE-TALBOT copy Image credit: Nadette Clare Talbot 3. A simple glass desk is hidden between a slatted divider wall and a colourful bookcase. MICKY HOYLE - AUGUST 2011 Image credit: Micky Hoyle 4. A hanging mobile is a visual point of interest during those long phone calls. JANFEB 2011 - JAC DE VILLIERS Image credit: Jac De Villiers 5. Angular and crisp, a communal creative space is perfect for brainstorming. ELSA YOUNG - MAY 2013 Image credit: Elsa Young Compiled by Danielle Le Chat and Gemma Bedforth   READ MORE: Pimp your workspace Real estate pics gone wrong Join HL's first ever wine tour