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Stovetop Coffee Makers

Visit an Italian's home and you're likely to find a Bialetti or Stovetop coffee maker in their kitchen. It's an Italian invention that has received worldwide popularity due to its fresh, quick and easy brewing capabilities. We asked artisan coffee roaster, Jake Easton of Tribe Coffee just what makes Stovetops so cool... 'The Bialetti or Moka Pot or Stovetop or Italian Espresso maker is a common coffee technology that requires great attention to the grind,' says Jake. 'Luigi Di Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti invented it in 1933. With the correct grind setting, this common kitchen appliance can mimic the best espresso from your local café.' 'Try out small amounts of coffee at different grinds and you'll find the one that works best for you,' suggests Jake. HL also wanted to find out what the benefits of purchasing artisan roasts for the Stovetop are... 'Artisan means locally, specialty roasted coffee,' shares Jake. 'Typically, buying local from a well trained roastery means finding fantastic flavours and interesting regional coffees. If you live in Italy, buy Italian. If you live in South Africa, buy South African. In every major South Africa city (and a few smaller ones) you can find a roastery who'll give you high quality coffee, which is infinitely better than any imported coffee.' In the July Issue of HL, we offer a coffee and chocolate supplement and profile local artisan brewers who help beat the daily grind. View this on pages 121-132 of the magazine. Visit Tribe Coffee Roastery at The Foundry, 170 Albert Road Woodstock or their website at tribe for more info.